Brief Description

MAXIMA QL is a high-precision three-axis electronic stabilization system (gimbal) for movie cameras. Its compact design provides a high level of freedom and allows the use of such cameras as ALEXA MINI, ALEXA MINI LF, ALEXA LF, ALEXA SXT, AMIRA, RED, SONY VENICE, CANON C500 mark II, etc. The WALTER KLASSEN vest is used to facilitate the work with the system. It allows controlling the camera height in a wide range, qualitatively suppresses various oscillations, reduces a significant part of the load on hands (arm fatigue), thus improving the operator’s productivity and performance.

Advantages over Other Systems


• Requires no time for rebalancing when changing optics.

• Quickly changes the shooting point height from lower to standard.

• Able to shoot from a camera stand without removing the camera from the system.


• Resistant to wind. This provides confident use of the system on moving platforms, boats, etc.

• Automatic horizon.

• The system compactness ensures comfortable work in cramped spaces.

• Camera Altitude Range: from floor to height of the operator’s raised hands. This allows shooting from the feet of a walking hero to his close-up, etc.

• Mounting of a truss, camera crane and other various outriggers.

• Ability to use the system in its classic version, i.e. on a camera stand.


• Wireless Remote Control. This allows installing the camera in hard-to-reach places, in cramped spaces, on various outriggers and at heights where the operator is unable to stay. The range of the radio remote control is up to 300 meters.

Application Methods

With Walter Klassen Vest

The Walter Klassen SlingShot Rig has elastic suspensions, thanks to which the whole system compares favorably with other stabilizers. The advantage of the Maxima system over the Steadicam, besides altitude variation, is its compact design, which allows moving the camera over various objects and surfaces, for example, dolly out/in the object. The Maxima system allows balancing the camera with rather heavy and dimensional optics, which other systems such as Ronin or Movi cannot ensure. The combination of the Maxima system with the Walter Klassen vest minimizes the influence of operator steps on the system stability as opposed to the systems used with EasyRig + Serene and others.

Other Application Methods

Powerful motors allow shooting from almost any mobile platform: camera trucks, camera dollies, boats, yachts, etc. If shooting of a long static shot is required, one can quickly install the system, for example, on Low Boy or C-Stand and then switch again to the “manual” option without any changes in configuration. One can shoot with a camera stand without disassembling anything or wasting time, by installing the entire system with a camera on Sachtler or OConnor heads. The Walter Klassen vest with extension handles allows low-angle dolly shooting with an optic height of 20 centimeters above the ground level.

Remote Control

The radio remote control (2.4 GHz) allows working with the Maxima MX-30 QL system remotely at a distance of up to 300 meters. The camera system can be gripped and used as a remote-controlled head. The radio joystick allows controlling the camera in all axes. Horizon control on both sides is within ± 45 degrees.

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