Required Equipment

A set of specific components is required to work with the system. Since creative and technical tasks vary from project to project, the equipment availability from the list below is up to the project managers’ responsibility.

Adapters for ALEXA Mini

ARRI BPA-4 andf ARRI MAP-2 are required to set the correct center of gravity and ensure compatibility with the 15mm supports holder.

Short Supports

Supports should have the length required to ensure the installation of motors for the used optics and not to extend beyond the camera backside dimensions.

On-Camera Monitor

A TVLogic 5″ monitor with a D-Tap power cable is recommended for Alexa or a Red monitor for Red camera.

Video Sender

Video sender with D-Tap power cable (transmitter + receiver set).

Wireless Follow Focus

Wireless Follow Focus is included (the number of motors should be specified by the director of photography). Must have an adapter for installation on a 15mm support.

ARRI LMB Matte Box

A compact and lightweight matte box with lens mounting is required.